By Shon Dale-Jones. Quest to replace a broken porcelain figure of the Duke of Wellington.

By Shon Dale-Jones

Shon embarks on an epic quest to replace his mother's broken Royal Worcester Porcelain Company figure of the Duke of Wellington on horseback.

In 1974 Shon Dale-Jones's father invested in a Royal Worcester porcelain figure of The Duke of Wellington on horseback. He kept the figure, wrapped in sponge, in a big box, under his bed. After he died, Shon's mother decided to take the figure out and display it on the table in the bay window. But when the figure gets broken, Shon and his mum realise the true significance of The Duke.

Shon Dale-Jones has performed his one-man solo show, The Duke, across the world - from Abergavenny to Adelaide. Funny, poignant and playful, The Duke weaves together the tragi-comic fate of a family heirloom, the quandary of a script writer stretching his integrity, and an unfolding refugee crisis. Blending fantasy and reality, The Duke gently challenges our priorities in a world full of crisis.

Written and performed by Shon Dale-Jones
Directed by James Robinson
A BBC Cymru-Wales Production.