The Early Music Show

Catherine Bott and Lucie Skeaping delve into the world of early music, exploring developments in the performance of early music both here and abroad.

Lucie Skeaping presents a concert given by the New York-based ensemble Rebel at the 2003 Boston Early Music Festival.

The concert focuses on the music of Telemann, and in particular those works which are infused with the influence of Polish folk elements.

With interviews from the group's founders Karen Marie Marmer and Jörg-Michael Schwarz.

Telemann: Sonata Polonese à 3 in A, TWV42A8 Telemann: Sonata Discortato à 4 in A, TWV43A7 Telemann: Sonata Polonois à 4 in G, TWV43G7 Telemann: Sonata Polonois à 4 in B flat, TWV43B3 Telemann: Suite in E flat, TWV55Es2 Rebel Jörg-Michael Schwarz and Karen Marie Marmer (violins) Matthias Maute (traverso, recorder and flute pastorelle) Risa Browder (viola) John Moran (cello) Anne Trout (double bass) Dongsok Shin (harpsichord).