EMSComposer Profile: Georg Wagenseil20150201Lucie Skeaping looks at the life and music of the Viennese composer Georg Christoph Wagenseil. Although today he's largely relegated to the footnotes of musical history, in his day he was internationally admired, not least in the Mozart household. His tercentenary year gives cause for a fresh look at this founding father of the Viennese Classical style.
EMSPerformer Profile: Nigel Rogers20150322Lucie Skeaping presents a profile of the career of the British tenor Nigel Rogers, who celebrates his 80th birthday this week.
EMSGarden Of Early Delights20150405: music with a hint of the horticultural, performed in the Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace, by Pamela Thorby (recorder), Alison McGillivray (viola da gamba) and Elizabeth Kenny (lute). The programme reflects the Gallery's exhibition 'Painting Paradise: The Art of the Garden', and includes music by Biagio Marini, Diego Ortiz, John Dowland, Jacob Van Eyck, and George Frideric Handel.
Introduced by Lucie Skeaping, in conversation with the exhibition's curator Vanessa Remington
Biagio Marini: Sonata Op 8 No 4 'per sonar con due corde'
Diego Ortiz: Recercada segunda (from 'Tratado de glosas', 1553)
Jacob van Eyck: Engels nachtegaeltje (from 'Der fluyten lust-hof')
Bartolomeu Selma y Salaverde: Canzon prima a canto e basso
John Dowland: Fantasia (on All in a Garden Green)
Johann Schop: Lachrimae Pavaen (from ''T uitnement kabinet', 1646)
Simon Ives: The Gilliflower (from Playford's 'Musick's recreation on the viol, lyra-way', 1682)
Anon: Canaries (from the Magdalene Cockburn lyra viol manuscript)
Handel: Cara speme (from 'Giulio Cesare')
Handel: Presti omai l'egizia terra (from 'Giulio Cesare')
Corelli: Sonata Op 5 No 4
Pamela Thorby (recorder)
Alison McGillivray (bass viol)
Elizabeth Kenny (lute).
EMSMetastasio's Artaserse20150412Lucie Skeaping explores Artaserse one of the most popular opera libretti by Metastasio, the great 18th century dramatist, featuring Artaxerxes I, King of Persia.
The libretto was originally written for and first set to music by Leonardo Vinci in 1730 for Rome, and it was subsequently set by dozens of later composers. In England, Thomas Arne's 1762 Artaxerxes is set to an English libretto that is based on Metastasio's. Lucie Skeaping introduces extracts from a few of the 90 known settings of Metastasio's text.


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