Ed Jones - The Janitor



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20160317 (BBC7)

The Janitor by Ed Jones.

Kevin is struggling to keep his new restaurant afloat in posh Salford Quays. But then Jonno turns up. The boy he was a dad to for a couple of years when he was shacked up with his mother. He couldn't save the mother, can he now save the kid? All fifteen stone of him?

Kevin....Jason Done

Jonno....Tachia Newall

Sandra....Naomi Radcliffe

Mikey....Chris Jack

Amy....Catherine Kinsella

Scotty....Gerard Fletcher

Producer Gary Brown

Twenty years ago you wouldn't have found a posh restaurant in Salford. Now there's a load of them and a theatre and a designer outlet mall. And to top it all there's Media City with all those Giles and Jocastas moving in.

The truth is there's two kinds of Salfords. There's the Quays and posh Salford and Salford-Salford; the proper bit, that Lowry painted, with the bent over people and the dark heart.

This is the story of Kevin, a talented chef, who wanted to open a restaurant in his old stamping ground. To put something back - and make some dosh at the same time. Only, he isn't very good with figures, and his employees are ripping him off. His business is bleeding money.

When Jonno returns- a kid he used to live with - they both try and make things work. Jonno is trying to leave behind his old life of drugs and violence. But when it catches up with him it has major consequences for both Jonno and Kevin.

Starring Jason Done from Waterloo Rd, this is a morality tale for our times.

Kevin is struggling to keep his new restaurant afloat in posh Salford Quays.