Ed Reardon At Christmas



It's time to celebrate the Christmas Week with Radio 4's curmudgeonly author Ed Reardon, and his faithful companion Elgar. Or is it? As we meet Ed on Christmas Eve he seems to be abandoning his only friend at a cat refuge centre. It seems that Ed must spend his Christmas day alone with only a computer for company as he's been commissioned to write the thirty thousand word long 'Great British Bake Off' novel and Elgar isn't allowed in the agency office.

Still, all is not lost as he's managed to scrape together the means to buy some liquid refreshment to keep him going. He also has the unexpected 'pleasure' of Jaz Milvain turning up on Christmas Day to do some preparation work for his New Years' Day appearance as guest editor on something called the 'Today Programme'. Ed will most surely give his old friend some helpful information...

Written by Andrew Nickolds and Christopher Douglas

Produced by Dawn Ellis.