Eddie Cochran - Somethin' Else

Documentary about rock 'n' roll musician Eddie Cochran, who rose to fame through hits such as C'mon Everybody and Summertime Blues before his life was tragically cut short.



Another chance to hear Joe Brown present a tribute to Eddie Cochran, 50 years after he was killed in a car accident.

Eddie is much loved in the UK, where he met his tragically early death in Wiltshire, aged only 21.

Although it's startling how much he had achieved in his short life, his glittering future was snatched away on the night of 17 April 1960.

The list of his admirers is a long one, which spans the decades and includes Rod Stewart, Marc Bolan, the Who, the Beach Boys and the Sex Pistols - all of whom have recorded his songs over the years.

Eddie's career was brief but his influence and popularity have been long lasting.

His reputation as a founding father of rock 'n' roll music was confirmed when he was chosen as one of the first stars to be inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame.

The programme features comments from admirers Robert Plant and George Harrison (an archive interview with Joe Brown), guitarist and Cochran biographer Darrel Higham, rock historian Rob Finnis, British rock 'n' rollers Vince Eager and Marty Wilde, and Eddie's recording engineer at Goldstar Studios, Stan Ross.

Plus there are archive interviews with Eddie Cochran from programmes in the USA, Australia and in the UK (BBC Radio's Saturday Club and the TV programme Boy Meets Girls) Plus those rock 'n' roll classics: Somethin' Else, Summertime Blues, C'Mon Everybody.

Twenty Flight Rock, and Three Steps To Heaven.

Another chance to hear Joe Brown present a tribute to Eddie Cochran.