Education At Home And Abroad


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1: Preschool Education

VERNON MALLINSON , PrOfeSSOr Of Comparative Education at Reading University, introduces an enquiry into the nursery school situation in Britain compared with other countries For publications see page 74

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Unknown: Vernon Mallinson

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2: Exams and Alternatives

DR w. D. HALLS, Tutor in Comparative Education, Oxford University Department of Education, looks at examinations in Britain and alternatives now being introduced in such countries as France and Sweden For publications see page 58

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3: Secondary Education Structure

Should we retain selective schools - or should we go comprehensive?

A. D. C. PETERSON , Director of the Department of Education at the University of Oxford, examines the controversy over secondary education structure in the light of similar discussion now going on in many other countries.

(For publications see page 58)

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Unknown: A. D. C. Peterson

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4: Towards a Liberal Studies Curriculum

DR BRIAN HOLMES , Reader In Comparative Education at London University Institute of Education, discusses differing approaches in Britain and abroad to general education in a technical world.

For publications see page 58

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Reader: Dr Brian Holmes

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5: Scientific Education -

Meeting the Nation's Needs

DR EDMUND KING , Reader in Comparative Education at King's College, London, introduces this examination of scientific education in Britain and abroad, in the light of technological and social change and existing educational needs. For publications see page 50

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Reader: Dr Edmund King

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7: The Education of Teachers PROFESSOR WILLIAM TAYLOR , Director of the Institute of Education, University of Bristol

(For publications see page 56)


Unknown: Professor William Taylor

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8: Educational Direction and Planning

j. A. LAUWERYS , Professor of Comparative Education at the University of London Institute of Education.

The last of eight programmes


Unknown: J. A. Lauwerys