Ef Benson - Miss Mapp



Elizabeth Mapp rules the village of Tilling, spying on her neighbours from her window.

Elizabeth Mapp rules the small English village of Tilling sitting at her window spying on her neighbours. Stars Frances Barber.


Tilling's busybody continues to observe the Major and Captain Puffin. Stars Frances Barber

The busybody of the small English village of Tilling continues to observe the Major and Captain Puffin. Stars Frances Barber.

04The Duel2011040720120503


As news of a deadly quarrel spreads, Elizabeth Mapp relishes the idea she may be the cause of it. Stars Frances Barber.

05Kingfisher Blue2011040820120504


Tilling's busybody delights villagers at her own party - by wearing the same outfit as a fellow guest. Stars Frances Barber.

06The Cowards2011041120120507


Ruling the village of Tilling, Elizabeth Mapp wonders if the Major is being as truthful as he should be. Stars Frances Barber.

07Humble Pie2011041220120508


Embarrassed at having been caught drunk by Elizabeth Mapp, Major Flint attempts to make it up to her. Stars Frances Barber.

08Crimson Lake2011041320120509


Determined to outshine darling Diva's party outfit, Tilling's busybody has her dress especially dyed. Stars Frances Barber.



The Contessa Faragleoni eventually arrives in Tilling - and the ladies eagerly await a dinner invitation. Stars Frances Barber.

10 LASTAlas, Poor Puffin2011041520120511


The festive season in the village of Tilling is blighted by news of an untimely death. Stars Frances Barber and Nickolas Grace.