Elder Son (part 1), The [Drama]


20210218By Alexander Vampilov
Translated from Russian by Jan Butler
Adapted for radio by Tom Wainwright

It's the cold Russian winter and two tricksters have missed the last train home and now need a roof over their heads for the night. They concoct an elaborate lie that involves one of them posing as the lost lost elder son of a local family. So far, so good. But what this 'elder son' fails to anticipate is that he will soon be unable to extricate himself from the lie.

The Elder Son (1967) by Alexander Vampilov is a classic of Russian theatre and has been adapted in two parts for BBC Radio.

During his lifetime, Vampilov was considered the hero of the 'new wave' of Russian dramatists and regularly compared to Anton Chekhov. His plays present a devastating and hilarious portrait of life in Brezhnev's Russia. At one time, The Elder Son ran in 44 theatres simultaneously in the Soviet Union. It was also filmed several times. Tragically, Alexander Vampilov died at the age of 34 following a boating accident in Lake Baikal.

Volodya.... Stewart Campbell
Silva.... Ian Dunnett Jnr
Sarafanov.... Tony Turner
Nina.... Elinor Coleman
Vasya.... Aaron Gelkoff
Natasha.... Lauren Cornelius
Neighbour.... Nicholas Murchie

Music composed and arranged by Ian Dunnett Jnr.

Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko

An elaborate hoax goes wrong on a cold Russian night.

Drama from BBC Radio 4