0101Leo The Lyons Computer2001103020020924
0101Leo The Lyons Computer2001103020020924
0102Saluting The Moose2001110620021001

Mark Whitaker with four programmes on computer pioneers.

2: `Saluting the Moose'.

How Remington Rand produced America's first business computer, and the design of the Univac.

0103Then We Took The Roof Off2001111320021002

Mark Whitaker on computer pioneers.

3: `Then We Took the Roof Off'.

The remaining members of the original team which built the USSR's first computer tell their remarkable story.

0104Water On The Brain2001112020021003

Mark Whitaker with four programmes about computer pioneers.

4: `Water on the Brain'.

How engineer Bill Phillips came to build a machine to demonstrate the circular flow of money.