Elis James' Feast Of Football


Elis James And The Team Preview Wales V Slovakia20190324Elis James, Danny Gabbidon, Iwan Roberts and guests prepare for Wales' Euro 2020 qualifier

Comedian Elis James prepares for the big game.

04Michael Sheen Joins The Show (radio Show Version)2019061820190720 (RW)
20190722 (RW)
Elis James, Danny Gabbidon and Iwan Roberts invite Hollywood actor Michael Sheen on the show to talk about the Homeless World Cup, portraying Brian Clough and Soccer Aid. This is the version as broadcast on BBC Radio Wales - for the Podcast version, visit the programme website and click on 'Get the Podcast'.

Michael Sheen tells Elis James about the Homeless World Cup and portraying Brian Clough.

Elis James chews over the weeks football.

05Life After Football, With Danny Gabbidon, Simon Church And David Cotterill2019062720190727 (RW)
20190729 (RW)
Comic & football fan Elis James talks dealing with injuries & mental health after football

Elis James chews over the weeks football.

06Where Next For Gareth Bale? (radio Show Version)2019070420190803 (RW)
20190805 (RW)
Elis James and Iwan Roberts discuss Gareth Bale's transfer saga.

Elis James chews over the week's football with Danny Gabbidon and Iwan Roberts.