Elizabeth Taylor Short Stories


01The Idea Of Age20120629Highly acclaimed as both novelist and short story writer, Elizabeth Taylor was celebrated for her witty and acutely observed stories of ordinary life.

Joanna Tope reads The Idea of Age, the first of three short stories to be broadcast over the coming weeks in celebration of the author's birth a century ago. In this sensuous tale, Taylor captures the dreamlike intensity of adolescent experience. A young girl basks in the warmth of one particularly idyllic Summer holiday, during which the first stirrings of love and loss are savoured.

Produced by Amanda Hargreaves.

02Plenty Good Fiesta2012070620140425
20130103 (BBC7)
20130104 (BBC7)
Joanna Tope reads this charming and moving tale about Fernando, a child refugee from the Spanish Civil War who comes to stay with an English family. The language barrier and the strangeness of his new surroundings are all things he takes in his stride, until the day he sees a village fair.

The Spanish Civil War brings a little boy to the attention of a young couple.

The Spanish Civil War brings refugees to England, and one little boy to the attention of a young couple. Read by Anna Massey.

03 LASTThe Blush2012071320130921Acclaimed short story writer and novelist Elizabeth Taylor was known for her witty and powerful explorations of the bitter frustrations and passions which lurk beneath the civilised veneer of middle class life.

In The Blush, the peaceful but empty existence of a childless housewife implodes when she realises that the influence of her cleaning lady is far more wide-reaching than she had ever imagined.

Produced by Amanda Hargreaves.