Elizabethan Subjects

Justin Champion presents a series about life in Elizabethan England.


0101Multiculture And Ethnic Minorities20030324

This edition investigates the nation's multicultural past and ethnic minorities during the Elizabethan era.


Justin Champion looks at two great puritan figures from Elizabethan England.

The diary of Lady Hoby and the insights into her world, are the earliest personal records we have of a gentlewoman's life.

Ignatius Jurdain wanted to make Exeter a 'godly city upon a hill'.

0103Crime And Punishment20030326

This edition investigates crime and punishment with a look at murderers, serial killers and executioners.

0104Women In The Alehouse20030327

Gossiping about the Queen, slandering reputations and prostitution.

Justin Champion spends an evening in female company down the Elizabethan Alehouse.

0105John Dee20030328

This edition explores the life of John Dee, one of the great intellectuals and alchemists of the time.