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A play for Christmas by JAMES FORSYTH with Jane Wenham , Robert Eddlson Anthony Jackson

Henry Stamper '

Emmanuel is about the birth of the child Christ and of the imagined drama of the human occasion of that birth. The author suggests that ' it could never be less than an exciting story, whose subject is birth, its new hopes, and the persecution of new hope.'

The action takes place in the hills around Bethlehem, in the Stable, and in the Palace of Herod in Jerusalem.

Produced by JOHN POWELL

(A BBC Transcription Service production)


Unknown: James Forsyth

Unknown: Jane Wenham

Unknown: Robert Eddlson

Unknown: Anthony Jackson

Unknown: Henry Stamper

The Shepherd: Henry Stamper

Joseph: Anthony Jackson

Mary: Jane Wenham:

Justinius, the Roman Procurator: Patrick Barr

Herod the King: Robert Eddison

Thomas, the innkeeper: Alan Dudley

Innkeeper's wife: Betty Hardy

The Wise Man of Astronomy: Heron Carvic

The Wise Man of Medicine: Howieson Culff

The Wise Man of Chemistry: Harold Kasket

Nicolus, servant to Herod: Robin Browne

Old Simon: Denis McCarthy

A Young Man of Bethlehem: Christopher Bidmeab

Two Women of Bethlehem: Joan Matheson

Two Women of Bethlehem: Patricia Gallimore