Peter Jay reassesses the history of the British Empire, asking how it came to be, how it passed away and what kind of world it left in its wake.


01Because It's There19980112

A look at the reasons why the British left these shores and set out to change the world.

02Doing Well, Or Doing Good19980119

Over its 500-year history, the British Empire touched millions of lives worldwide - but how did it affect Britain itself, and the British people?

03Over Palm And Pine19980126

Was the creation of the British Empire a catalogue of genocide, exploitation and a shattering of national pride, or a civilising revolution carried out with the willing collaboration of the subject peoples?

04 LASTThe World Well Lost19980202

Can we look objectively at the influence of the Empire in all the countries it touched? And is the world a better or worse place as a result of the Empire?