English Takeaway

Series exploring British perspectives on China.


01The Great Exhibition And London's Chinese Junk20080616

Patrick Wright recalls a time when British imperial grandeur collided with perceived Chinese primitivism.

For Charles Dickens, the Great Exhibition provided proof of Chinese antiquarianism and of a rival for Britain as it ushered in the age of industrialisation.

Part of Radio 3's Focus on China season.

02Limehouse Chinatown - The Opium Wars Brought Home20080617

Patrick Wright considers the fabled loft of Dr Fu Manchu in Limehouse at the time of the 'Yellow Peril' scare, when the dominant Western culture of the Victorian age suddenly appeared vulnerable to the exoticism of the Orient.

Part of Radio 3's Focus on China season.

03Dumb-walking-man - Chiang Yee, The Silent Traveller20080618

Patrick Wright examines a rare Chinese book about London and the English Lakes published in the 1930s.

He explores how the enforced exile, Chiang Yee, tried to make sense of British society by comparing it with his native land.

Part of Radio 3's Focus on China season.

04 LASTChina Stands Up - Maoist Peasant And English Leveller20080619

Patrick Wright looks at how, in the mid-1950s, the artists Stanley Spencer and Paul Hogarth reacted to the People's Republic and its leadership in the company of various Labour MPs.

Part of Radio 3's Focus on China season.