Enter One In Sad Green

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19900701] Unknown: Monty Haltrecht|Producer: John Knight.
Programme Catalogue - Details: 30 October 198819900701First broadcast on 1988-10-30|Producer: KNIGHT, J|Description|The Jew first appeared in English drama as a userer & the object of vilification at a time when, in fact, there were no Jews in England.|Monty HALTRECHT examines the way in which the Jewish race has been presented in the|Subject Categories|documentaries (programme format)|theatre programmes (genre)|Broadcast history|30 Oct 1988 16:00-16:47 (RADIO 4)|01 Nov 1988 20:00-20:45 (RADIO 4)|01 Jul 1990 16:02-16:47 (RADIO 4)|Contributors|Monty Haltrecht|John Knight (Producer)|Hugh Dickson (rdr)|June Barrie (rdr)|Martin Friend (rdr)|Anthony Hyde (rdr)|Jonathan Miller (Speaker)|Bryan Magee (Speaker)|Arnold Wesker (Speaker)|Bernard Kops (Speaker)|David Nathan (Speaker)|John Lahr (Speaker)|Irving Wardle (Speaker)|Glynne Wickham (Speaker)|Recorded on 1988-10-22