Eoin Mcnamee - The Limekiln Road


2016072220210328 (R4)Against a landscape of desolation and neglect, Victor befriends his elderly neighbour Lily, who is increasingly living among the fragmented memories of her life. But is there one memory in particular that Lily has been holding onto above all others?

Stephen Rea reads this new story from novelist and dramatist Eoin McNamee.

Eoin McNamee's novels include Resurrection Man, later made into a film, The Blue Tango, which was longlisted for the Booker Prize, and Orchid Blue. He has written several dramas for Radio 4, including the Imision award-winning ‘The Road Wife', ‘North of Riga' and most recently, ‘The Haunted Road'.

Producer Heather Larmour

Victor befriends the elderly Lily in Eoin McNamee's story of memory and loss.

Victor befriends the elderly Lily in Eoin McNamee\u2019s story of memory and loss.