2050050120200501 (RS)Comedy Map Of Scotland rediscovers classic regional comedy characters, routines and sketches to help tell the story of our national sense of humour. From Glasgow to Edinburgh to Dundee to Aberdeen to the Highlands & Islands and all the regions in-between, we'll undertake a light-hearted exploration of our geo-comedy character & through interview and classic archive map our very own Scottish comedy SatNav.

In this episode Chris talks to stand-up comedian and farmer Jim Smith to hear about his passion for North East Comedy, and we'll also hear from Writer & Performer Moray Hunter to discuss classic sketch group Absolutely, and to try and discover exactly where Stoneybridge is!

Clips featured include Desperate Fishwives, Naked Radio, Breaking The News, Scotland The What & The Absolutely Radio Show.

Presenter: Chris Forbes
Producer: Gus Beattie
A Gusman production for BBC Radio Scotland

Chris Forbes rediscovers classic regional comedy characters, routines and sketches.