Eric [Terry Pratchett]

Terry Pratchett's many Discworld novels combine a Technicolor imagination with a razor sharp wit, especially when he rewrites Faust as spotty teenage demonologist Eric.


012013030620190311 (BBC7)
20190312 (BBC7)

When precocious young Eric Thursley summons a demon from the loathsome pit to fulfil his every wish, he certainly gets what he asked for.

Just... not exactly what he asked for. That's the problem with wishes.

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20190313 (BBC7)

Young Eric Thursley wants to rule the world, and junior wizard Rincewind actually manages to magic him up a tribal kingdom among the Tezumen, in the rainforests of Klatch.

But all that changes when they meet the Tezumen's bloodthirsty deity: Quetzovercoatl.

032013032020190313 (BBC7)
20190314 (BBC7)

Eric has summoned a demon and wished to meet the most beautiful woman in the world. Unfortunately, this lands him in a wooden horse in the middle of a rather famous siege.

Fortunately, he is accompanied by junior wizard Rincewind, and his indefatigable Luggage.

04 LAST2013032720190314 (BBC7)
20190315 (BBC7)

Demon King Astfgl surfs the space-time continuum in a rage, determined to lure Eric and Rincewind finally to Hell.

But when they arrive at the Dread Portal, there's a bit of a staff motivation issue.