The Eric Morecambe And Ernie Wise Show 1975


01Peters And Lee1975020020120531 (BBC7)

The much-loved comedy duo make plans to live apart and two poets wax lyrical. Guest stars Peters and Lee. From February 1975.

02Salena Jones1975020020120607 (BBC7)

Eric reckons Ern needs to spruce-up his act - so how about writing a musical?

4 Extra Debut.

Guest star Salena Jones.

From February 1975.

03Anita Harris1975020020120614 (BBC7)

The much-loved duo visit a wig boutique and Eric falls on hard times. Guest singing star Anita Harris. From February 1975.

04Wilma Reading1975020020120621 (BBC7)

Baby talk and hairy bath-time antics from the much-loved comic duo. With guest singer Wilma Reading. From February 1975.

05Laura Lee1975020020120628 (BBC7)

The tale of Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning, and Ernie's set to retire. With guest singer Laura Lee. From February 1975.

06 LASTLynsey De Paul1975030020120705 (BBC7)

Arty Eric bags a bargain and an industrial espionage drama what Ern wrote. With guest singer Lynsey de Paul. From March 1975.