Europe - Strangers On My Doorstep


Hungary: At The Cutting Edge20160222

As more European countries follow Hungary's lead and fence their borders against irregular migration, Maria Margaronis explores Hungarians' responses to the refugee and migration crisis. She visits the prison factory that makes most of the razor wire used on Europe's borders, and hears how the crisis is affecting Hungary's Muslim minority. She travels to the Serbian frontier with solidarity activists who support the border guards, and meets the Two-Tailed Dog Party, an opposition group with a biting analysis. What's behind Prime Minister Viktor Orban's hardline response to migration? And is Hungary the cutting edge of a new, illiberal Europe?

Producer Shabnam Grewal.

03A Swedish Tale20160229

Sweden received more asylum seekers per capita than any other country last year. But an open borders policy was slowly rowed back as accommodation started to run out and the authorities struggled to cope with the arrival of so many newcomers.

It's not just cities like Stockholm and Malmo that have seen an influx of newcomers. Ånge is a community of 9,000 people in the north of Sweden which is now home to 1,000 asylum seekers. An hour's drive away from the nearest big city, it's a place of picturesque natural beauty, but where in winter the sun sets as early as 2.30 in the afternoon and temperatures can plunge to as low as -30C.

In this programme, Keith Moore spends time in the community with locals and asylum seekers and tries to find out how one remote place copes with a big change change in such a short space of time.

Producer: Lucy Proctor.