Evelyn Waugh - Scoop


0120130410 (BBC7)The Daily Beast needs a man in Ishmaelia to cover a brewing crisis. Is William Boot really the right man? Read by Robert Hardy.
0220130411 (BBC7)William Boot prepares for his excursion abroad, and Lord Copper fills him in on the political situation. Read by Robert Hardy.
0320130412 (BBC7)Boot makes the acquaintance of Corker, and learns a little more about the tricks of the journalistic trade. Read by Robert Hardy.
0420130415 (BBC7)Rumours abound about a Russian infiltrator, and the journalists scramble to be the first with the story. Read by Robert Hard.
0520130416 (BBC7)To Corker's delight the missing luggage is finally returned, and Katchen has caught William's eye. Read by Robert Hardy.
0620130417 (BBC7)William gets more and more involved with Katchen, and then finds himself sacked and speedily reinstated. Read by Robert Hardy.
0720130418 (BBC7)William cannot get his latest report through. Enter the mysterious 'Baldwin' with his insider knowledge. Read by Robert Hardy.
08 LAST20130419 (BBC7)Boot is set for a hero's welcome when he arrives home. But which one? Neither William nor John seem keen. Read by Robert Hardy.