Five specially commissioned short stories exploring what it means to live in a foreign land.


01Please Excuse My Husband - He's A Vegetarian2001052120020707

An English couple retire to rural France, where the husband's vegetarianism causes tension in their marriage and the community.

Read by Lindsay Duncan

02The Water Bird2001052220020714

An Australian girl, of Portuguese descent and living in England, considers her double expatriation.

Read by the author.

2: `The Water Bird', by Emily Perkins.

03Yellow Label Tea2001052320020721

by Ruth Thomas.

A homesick English woman spends a lonely pregnancy in stifling weather in Argentina.

04How To Be An Expatriate2001052420020728

A British postgraduate student in America discovers that expatriation creeps up on you, each year's passing making it harder to go home.

Meanwhile, his parents keep up their hopes that he will return to England.

Read by David Yip.

by Peter Ho Davies.

05 LASTLearning How To Talk2001052520020804

An American woman living in Britain cannot decide where she belongs or how she should talk.

Read by Laurel Lefkow.

Short stories exploring living abroad.

5: `Learning How to Talk', by Tracy Chevalier.