20131227The word 'commuter' was coined in the United States during the early days of rail travel, when reduced or 'commuted' fares were made available to people travelling from outlying areas to work in cities.

This programme tells the story of the modern-day extreme commuters - people who spend more than 3 hours a day travelling to and from work. For some, there is no option but to go where the work is, for others it's a lifestyle choice.

Marcus has chosen to live in deepest Suffolk so his children can have a rural childhood. This means his journey to work can take him up to 6 hours a day involving two trains and a twenty five minute walk.

Meanwhile Marion, a single mother, has no choice but to make a daily, 5 hour return journey from Essex into London.

Some people do it for the work, some for the lifestyle; some hate it, others love it for the freedom and time alone it gives them.

As the numbers of people who are doing extreme commuting looks set to rise, what is the impact on their lives?

Producer: Karen Gregor.