Fac 501 - The Tony Wilson Story [6 Music]


Part 220170820

Paul Morley presents a programme marking ten years since Tony Wilson's death.

Paul Morley presents the concluding half of FAC 501: The Tony Wilson Story to mark 10 years since the Mancunian broadcaster and cultural catalyst passed away.

On August 10th 2007, music mogul, impresario, Northern institution and professional motormouth Anthony H. Wilson died of a heart attack aged 57 at Christie's Hospital in Manchester.

Tony Wilson will always be remembered as the founding father of Factory Records, the man behind bands like Joy Division and New Order and creator of one of the world's most famous clubs - The Hacienda - as well as for helping to establish the scene that was Madchester and continuing that task with In The City.

Music journalist Paul Morley traces Wilson's life, from growing up in Salford right through to his last days suffering with cancer, including an exclusive interview with Tony months before he died, plus interviews with friends and family on how one man's passion and self-belief affected the cultural and physical landscape of the city of Manchester.