By Meic Povey. After the death of his wife, Billy discovers that life goes on.

By Meic Povey

Since the death of his wife, Billy has lived on his own. But now it's time to stop grieving, and start living again.

Before she died Billy's wife, Sally, gave him a list of things to do once she was gone: Cancel loyalty cards; close bank account; retile hallway, and so on. Billy has followed her instructions religiously. Now, there is one item left on Sally's list - a full-length mirror in the bathroom they used to share.

Once in place the mirror dominates the room, and is hard to ignore. Billy is forced to confront his image - a man alone in the world. But he feels unexpectedly hopeful now the mirror is up. He finds he is glancing at his image more and more, and Billy realises that despite his 60-odd years he's looking pretty good.

Directed by James Robinson
A BBC Cymru Wales Production.