Fare Trade



As part of Radio 2's continuing Comedy Showcase series, Richard Wilson stars as frustrated taxi driver, Frank Ross, who thinks he's too good for his job.

Frank used to be a Latin teacher and he used to be married. Frank used to be a lot of things, but now he drives a mini-cab in order to make ends meet. To add to Frank's woes his ex-wife Barbara, is the cab controller at the firm where he works.

Barbara left Frank for local businessman Derek, who owns Town and Country cars, and the mini-cabbing job was a favour to Frank. But it now means he spends more time than ever with Barbara, a situation that pleases no one. And then there's his feckless, layabout son Sean [Ralf Little] who slobs around the house and resolutely refuses to get a job.

In this episode, Frank is forced to act as a budget hearse whilst trying to arrange a meeting with a Russian oligarch, who wants a tutor for his son. Could this be his escape route out of the vulgar world of mini-cabbing and back to the refined vocation of teaching the classics? And, more importantly, will Barbara ever get the coffee machine fixed?

Fare Trade was written by John Langdon and stars Richard Wilson as Frank, Julia Deakin as Barbara, Ralf Little as Sean, Dominic Coleman as Dave and Rupert Degas as Derek.

Richard Wilson stars as a frustrated taxi driver who thinks he's too good for his job.