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20170505 (R4)
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Aid For Small Dairy Farms, Complaints About Slurry, The Taste Of Beef, Uk Grown Soya20170426 (R4)
Alternative Food Networks; Water Buffalo; Reservoirs On Farms20170508 (R4)
British Flowers, Oysters And Rural School Closures20170522 (R4)
British Pork, Scottish Seaweed, Pillar 220170502 (R4)
Elver Poaching, Peat In Compost, Yorkshire Whisky, New Zealand Farming20170418 (R4)
Farming Today This Week: Gloucester Farmers' Market20170513 (R4)
Farming Today This Week: New Zealand20170422 (R4)
Farming Today This Week: Vegan Debate20170429 (R4)
Hen Perches, Nz Dairy Farmers, Dry Weather20170420 (R4)
Insects As Food, First-time Voters, Glyphosate; Veg Boxes20170511 (R4)
Marine Protection, Vegan Alcoholic Drinks, Healthier Wheat20170425 (R4)
Mike Tucker - Badminton, Broadcasting And Beef Breeding20170501 (R4)
Mustard Revival And The Rise In Veganism20170424 (R4)
Neonicotinoids, Tofu Dairy, Film About Farmers20170427 (R4)
New Zealand Lamb Exports, Potato Blight, Dairy Aid Scheme20170421 (R4)
Pulse Grower, Lupins, Vegan Nutrition20170428 (R4)
Raven Attacks On Lambs, Food Assembly, Crops For Bio-mass Benefit The Brown Hare20170509 (R4)
Rural Services20170515 (R4)
Small Business Funding, Montagu's Harriers, Young Farmers In Northern Ireland20170510 (R4)
The General Election, Weetabix Sale, New Zealand Subsidies20170419 (R4)
The Glory Of Gloucesters20170417 (R4)
Wildlife Footage In Court, Scottish Forestry And Food By Subscription20170512 (R4)