Fast Coach From Gneixendorf [Jo Anderson]


1994102020210314 (BBC7)
20210315 (BBC7)
Drama about the last days of the German composer Ludwig Van Beethoven. The coach is on its way and it is Beethoven's last chance to put a misunderstanding to one side and help his estranged nephew Carlie, to hear what he hears.

Written by Jo Anderson


Ludwig Van Beethoven....John Carlisle
Karl (Carlie)....Jonathan Moore
Nonni.... Jo Anderson
Johann....David King
Joanna....Gaye Brown
Steng....Peter Whitman
The Farmer....Derek Waring
Street urchins....Pupils at the Anna Scher Theatre School

Directed by Andy Jordan

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 20th October 1994.

Beethoven desperately tries to put a misunderstanding aside and help his nephew Karl.