By Jerome Vincent In 1906, Dorothy Levitt was described as "the fastest girl on Earth" when she drove a six-cylinder Napier motorcar at 91 miles per hour in a speed trial in BLACKPOOL.

She became the leading exponent of a woman's "right to motor" and in 1909 published The Woman and the Car: A Chatty Little Hand Book for Women Who Motor or Want to Motor, based on her newspaper column in the Daily Graphic.

The play charts Dorothy's rise to fame as a champion of the motorcar, and the disintegration of her personal and professional relationship with Selwyn Edge - a fellow pioneer, and manufacturer - who first introduces her to the thrills of motoring, and who grooms her for success on the race track.

But the constant pressure to appear in public and to publicise Edge's cars in both her newspaper columns and her popular public lectures starts to take its toll.

During the course of the action we hear extracts from Dorothy's Chatty Little Hand Book.

Rachel Atkins....Dorothy Levitt Kim Wall....Selwyn Edge.

Other parts are played by John Evitts, David Timson, Peter Mair and Clare Corbett.


In 1906 Dorothy Levitt became the fastest woman on Earth when she drove a car at 91 mph.

Jerome Vincent's play explores life in the fast lane for the pioneers of motoring.

  • by - Jerome Vincent
  • chambers....peter mair
  • directed by - David Blount
  • dorothy levitt....Rachel Atkins
  • father....peter mair
  • lady montagu....clare corbett
  • monty napier....david timson
  • octave mirbeau....john evitts
  • selwyn edge....Kim Wall
  • vandra....clare corbett