Fat Little Thing



When tragedy strikes her family again, Lou concocts a desperate plan.

As Louise recalls the loss of her mother as a young girl she finds herself remembering and reliving her childhood experiences and emotions - the overwhelming grief, isolation, and desperate desire for love and reassurance. Louise is a spirited girl with a vivid imagination and it is to her imagination she retreats to deal with the grief and loneliness she experiences. For there she can conjure up her favourite TV stars and musical heroes for company: Cheyene Bodie, Tommy Steele, Harry Secombe and Cliff Richard.

When her father introduces her to the beautiful Margaret to whom he will soon be married, Louise is delighted and imagines a perfect, happy future with her new family and her new mummy. But when tragedy strikes her family for a second time, Louise retreats further into herself and her imaginary world and comes up with a desperate plan; one she hopes will make what's gone wrong right and make her family happy once again.

A new two-part drama from Lucy Gannon (The Best of Men, Soldier Soldier, Frankie, Bramwell) starring Julie Hesmondhalgh and Amy Beth McNulty.

Writer....Lucy Gannon
Producer....Heather Larmour.