New family sitcom written by and starring Irish comedian Jason Byrne.

01People Carrying2012020420120204 (R4+)
20130625 (R4+)
Tom Whyte and his family are on their way to a wedding. It's all going well until they hit a traffic jam. Before long traffic laws are being broken; the rescue services are on their way and there's a few surprises waiting for them in the lay-by.
02Birthday Lunch2012021120120211 (R4+)
20130702 (R4+)
Tom Whyte, much to the consternation of his overbearing Mother, decides to cook his Dad a Birthday lunch for a family get-together. What he intends to put on the table undergoes a transformation by serving time whilst best friend Roddy brings an especially unappetising contribution to the meal.
03The Wake2012021820120218 (R4+)
20130709 (R4+)
Much to Tom's squeamish alarm he is at an Uncle's wake and expected to play a full part in proceedings. It doesn't look as though the priest or his family are going to be especially comforting either.
04 LASTThe Power Cut2012022520120225 (R4+)
20130716 (R4+)
It's a Saturday night for cosying up in front of Strictly Come Dancing but best laid plans are about to be changed - for the better?
 Pilot2010041020130618 (R4+)A new Belfast house-husband has a dog of a first day as he embraces his change of lifestyle. Stars Jason Byrne.


  • 28 Minutes


  • Genre: Sitcoms, Comedy

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  • The pilot for this series was the first episode of Radio 2's Comedy Showcase, and wasn't repeated until BBC7's second run of the series in 2013.