'The Bard of Barnsley', Ian McMillan has some competition... his son Andrew McMillan, is a poet too. Here, they jointly present this showcase which looks at the father and son relationship. Together they dig in the archive to talk masculinity, inheritance and ask ‘how should you bring up a boy?'

They discuss the generation gap and the difficulties men often have saying 'I love you', embarrassing incidents, and hopes and dreams for the future. They also focus on literary heritage, as we hear archive from the famous father and son writers Kingsley and Martin Amis. Ian and Andrew discuss passing on poetry, and the strange experience Andrew had following his dad round on work experience as a poet. They also interview the writer Luke Kennard on failing to live up to his father's kindness, and how to bring up boys in the 21st century. In the archive we also meet some difficult and emotionally unavailable fathers and ask how not to pass this down to the next generation.

Programmes Featured

Tom Wrigglesworth's Hang-Ups (2013)
Dad Made Me Laugh (2005): Michael Sellers discusses his relationship with his father, Peter
Amis and Amis (1989): Interview with Kingsley Amis and his son, Martin
A Death in the Family (2017) : Episode 7 of the Book at Bedtime adaptation of Karl Ove Knausgaard's
Rudy's Rare Records (2008)
Fathers and Sons (2017): Episode 4 of Howard Cunnell's Memoir

Presenters: Andrew McMillan and Ian McMillan
Producer: Jessica Treen

Poets Ian and Andrew McMillan talk father and son relationships, aided by archive clips.