Fear In The Furrows



From the nuggets of evil turned up by the plough in ‘Blood on Satan's Claw’ to the cursed woodland, stone circles and rituals that haunt a wealth of British film, television and fantasy literature, this feature explores the darker underside of the pastoral idyll and the tradition of ‘Folk Horror’ being revived by a new generation of artists, writers and filmmakers. Far from being a green and pleasant land, this is landscape as a place of ritual and dark myth, uncanny eeriness and even terror: places of isolation and older belief systems, places where the Enlightenment never happened, fens and fields where the soil holds secrets, buried trauma that rises to the surface and where hapless city dwellers are lured in to meet their fate. Recording the ritual slaying of the Jack in the Green followed by the culling and burning during Lammas, visiting lonely, de-sanctified churches sinking into the soil and incantations in the dark-wood, this feature draws on a treasure trove of TV and film archive to face the Fear in the Furrows.

Exploring the darker side of the landscape and the revival of Folk Horror in the arts.