Genome: [r4 Bd=19700313]

La a vie politique en France A talk by ROBERT MENGIN

(French for Sixth Forms)

10.50 A Corner for Music by ALBERT CHATTERLEY

9: Noah and the Flood (ii)

(This programme should be tape-recorded)

11.0 Springboard

PADDY FEENY looks at some of the treasures found today including some from the Association which went down off the Scilly Isles in 1707 Producer JENYTH WORSLEY

11,20 A High Wind in Jamaica by RICHARD HUGHES adapted by JOHN KERRY

3 The End of the Adventure (Listening and Writing)

11.46 Prospect Man in Nature

4: War to the death

Compiled by JOHN STOCKBRIDGE Produced by T. K. BUTCHER


Talk By: Robert Mengin

Music By: Albert Chatterley

Unknown: Paddy Feeny

Unknown: Jenyth Worsley

Unknown: Richard Hughes

Adapted By: John Kerry

Unknown: John Stockbridge

Produced By: T. K. Butcher