Fictional Familiars

Stories in which contemporary writers offer a fresh perspective on existing literary characters.


0101Interval At Ouchy1998070619990530

Hilary Neville reads `Interval at Ouchy' by Patricia Hannah

0102Cuckoos Are So Selfish1998070719980712

Gregor Powrie reads Allan Massie's `Cuckoos Are So Selfish'.

0103Never The Bride1998070819980713

Joanna Tope reads Paul Magrs's `Never the Bride'.

Joanna Tope reads Paul Magrs's story.

0104 LASTThat Innocent Bird1998070919990531

Michael Mackenzie reads Shena Mackay's `That Innocent Bird'.

0201Oliver's Story2001022620030615

Oliver Twist and Jack Dawkins - alias the Artful Dodger - are reunited in middle age.

Read by Michael Mackenzie

0202Thank God It's Friday2001022720030622

This story, featuring characters from Daniel Defoe's "Robinson Crusoe", is read by Jimmy Chisholm

0202Thank God It's Friday2001022720030622

This story, featuring characters from jimmy chisholm_daniel.html'>Daniel Defoe's "robinson Crusoe", Is Read By jimmy Chisholm

0203Big Brother2001022820030629

Arch-schemer Iago plots to keep his place in the `Big Brother' house.

Read by Steven Mcnicholl

0204Deconstructing Emily2001030120030706

By Frederic Lindsay.

At a criminology conference in Edinburgh, an authority on detective fiction comes face to face with one of the genre's first heroes.

Read by Hilary Neville

0205 LASTRound Ireland With An Inanimate Household Object2001030220030713

A non-fictional end to the series, as comedian Ian Macpherson recounts the heroic tale of his travels Round Ireland With An Inanimate Household Object.

0301Trimming The Hat20020722

by Fay Weldon.

Ibsen's Nora Helmer has left `A Doll's House' to start a new life in New York.

0302The Perfection Of Nature20020723

A Houyhnhnm, one of the noble horses from `Gulliver's Travels', meets a lesser species - mankind.

0303Dr Johnson At The House Of Shaws20020724

The great man of letters stops off for dinner with the heroes of Stevenson's `Kidnapped'.

0304Life After Mars20020725

In a corner of England, one of H G Wells's Martian invaders has survived the virus which killed his comrades.

0305 LASTParadise, Some Of The Time20020726

by Marianne Carey.