Fight Of My Life [Radio Wales]


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Bare knuckle boxing.

A sport that involves two individuals fighting without gloves or padding.

Its roots can be traced back hundreds of years - perhaps even as far as the 1600s - but its brutal brawls have kept the sport illegal for centuries.

But in 2015, a UK company called BKB started to recruit fighters.

Fighters like Sean George.

In this programme for BBC Radio Wales, we join Sean as he recoils from losing the world featherweight title.

With a fiancé, two children and a mortgage to pay, he’s looking for an exit from the vicious sport before it gets the better of him. However, he refuses to end on a loss.

We join Sean as he prepares for his next and hopefully last fight in the world of bare knuckle boxing. It will be his toughest bout yet as the tournament in London requires him to win not one, but two matches to bag the belt and the prize fund.

Throughout, we’ll speak to those who know him best and hear about the opportunities fighting gave a younger Sean George who, growing up in the small town of Abertillery, was forever getting into trouble.

But will all the effort be worth it? Will Sean win this final fight and, perhaps more importantly, will he escape uninjured?

Welsh bare knuckle boxer, Sean George, prepares for the fight of his life.