Final Demands, The Distinguished Thing


06 LAST20100319
06 LAST20100319

Series of plays by Frederic Raphael reuniting the characters from his novel The Glittering Prizes, which followed the fortunes of scholarship boy Adam Morris and his contemporaries at Cambridge University in the early 1950s.

Adam and the friends and enemies who started out together as Cambridge undergraduates find that it's now 50 years since they set out on their winding, interlocking paths.

But it's Adam's brother Derek who holds the key to how the story ends.

Adam Morris....Tom Conti

Barbara Morris....Barbara Kellermann

Rachel Morris....Flora Montgomery

Alan Parks....Alistair Mcgowan

Derek Morris....Adrian Lukis

Mike Clode....Mark Wing-Davey

Lars Waring....Ian Kelly

Terry Slater....Stephen Mangan

Tom Morris....Rupert Degas

Bernice....Georgina Rich

Anna Cunningham....Emily Richard

Produced by Jo Wheeler

Directed by Pete Atkin

An Above the Title production for BBC Radio 4.

It's Adam's brother Derek who holds the key to how the story ends for the group of friends