Finger Prints

Claudia Hammond examines our fingers - five often over-looked clues to our genetic inheritance, our cultural provenance and our psychological state.


0101The Thumb - It's What Makes Us Human2002090920030318

Claudia follows the trail of the evolutionary theorists; they claim it's our opposable thumbs that set us apart from all other animals, even primates.

And she discovers that it leads all the way to the mobile phone, as young people today develop an even greater dexterity with the thumbs they use for texting!.

0102The Index Finger - The Communicator2002091020030325

Pointing is one of the first forms of communication we learn.

0103The Middle Finger - Sticking Its Head Above The Parapet2002091120030401
0104The Ring Finger - The Weakest Link2002091220030408
0105 LASTThe Little Finger - Diminutive But Dextrous2002091320030415