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Ray Davies20110403 (6M)
20190913 (6M)

Ray Davies of the Kinks shares the musical milestones of his life in conversation with Matt Everitt.

Ray Davies is arguably one of the greatest songwriters that England has ever produced. His catalogue of songs helped define whole eras of British cultural life, and the legendary songs he recorded with the Kinks reflected, celebrated and critiqued the concept of Englishness in a way that no pop band had ever done before.

Ray discusses a childhood dominated by a love of Mississippi blues, the difficult relationship with his brother - Kinks guitarist Dave, and the infighting which caused the band to be banned from the US. This led to Ray focusing on the idea of Britishness and inspired some of his finest work.

Ray also discusses the writing of proto-rock anthem You Really Got Me, the controversial (at the time) cross dressing epic Lola and, quite possibly, one of the greatest pop songs ever written - Waterloo Sunset.

First broadcast in April 2011.

Ray Davies shares the musical milestones of his life. First broadcast in April 2011.

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