Fit & Fearless [5 Live]



Tally Rye, Zanna Van Dijk and Victoria Spence share their fitness and body confidence tips


Tally, Vic and Zanna talk cardio and how much is too much.

Eating Disorders And Disordered Eating20180217

Vic and Tally explain how they managed to turn around negative relationships with food.

How To Be Healthy When Hectic20180224

Alice Liveing shows Tally, Vic and Zanna how to be healthy when you are snowed under.

New Year, New You20180113

Tally, Zanna and Vic talk taking the first step towards your 2018 fitness goals.

Not All Calories Are Equal20180127

Tally, Vic and Zanna meet nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert to find out how to fuel your body.

Why Should I Care About Body Confidence?20180203

Tally and Vic talk fitness and body image with Michelle Elman and Felicity Hayward.

Why Weights Make You Badass - Not Bulky20180120

Tally, Vic and Zanna settle the debate on lifting weights v hours of cardio.

Is lifting weights better than hours of cardio? Tally, Vic and Zanna settle the debate once and for all. Want to bend it like Beckham? David Beckham's yoga teacher shares her tips. Plus Tally's ingenious way of keeping guys at bay in the gym. Get more inspiration in the podcast -