Five Morning Plays


Genome: [r4 Bd=19701214]

1: A Sense of Guilt by DENIS CONSTANDUROS

What is there about old debts which makes it impossible to pay them off? While at the same time, producing a sense of guilt?

Produced by BRIAN MILLER (from Bristol)


Unknown: Denis Constanduros

Produced By: Brian Miller

Julian: Michael Pennington

Naomi: Jennifer Wilson

Barry Bartholomew: Conrad Philips

Tom: Richard Mathews

Greta: Liz Ashley

Mrs Flinch: Peggy Ryalls

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701215]

2: The Script by MICHAEL CORNISH

'If only there were some different way of saying it, of setting it up. You know... a different script.'

Produced by ROGER PINE


Script By: Michael Cornish

Produced By: Roger Pine

Joe: Nigel Lambert

Antony: Sean Arnold

Rosemary: Sara Coward

Wendy: Jan Ewards

Barman: Cllfford Norgate

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701216]

3: A Question of Identity Written for radio by JEREMY BRUCE-WATT with Callum Mill

'They don'let me back Into the hostel till 6 o'clock, and this is a cold grey bitch of a city If you haven'a home to go to. Grey as the North Atlantic. And twice as windy. And that goes for the people too.'

Produced bv STEWART CONN (from Glasgow;


Unknown: Jeremy Bruce-Watt

Unknown: Callum Mill

Unknown: Stewart Conn

John Thomson: Callum Mill

Mother: Eileen McCallum

Clerk: John Shedden

Agnes: Effie Morrison

Policeman: Charles Kearney

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701217]

4: The Secretary by VIRGINIA KERR

' So many people pass me by on the street as though I'm not there. I've been left behind to make my own way as best I can! '



Unknown: Virginia Kerr

Produced By: Christopher Venning

Mrs Osborne: Nan Marriott-Watson

Miss Peek: Barbara Lott

Miss Neal: Anita Sharp Bolster

Mrs Graves: Hazel Coppen

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701218]

5: The Going Away by FRITZ SHARPE with Jack Woolgar as Captain Jowsey

1 I were ready to go then. Few seconds I'd have been gone-I wanted to go - oh I wanted to go. Then I see the faces! '

Produced by JOHN SCOTNEY

12.0 Announcements


Unknown: Fritz Sharpe

Unknown: Jack Woolgar

Dr Ransome: Hector Ross

Jessie Harvey: Olwen Griffiths

Mary: Olwen Griffiths

Will: Frederick Treves

Henry: Peter Tuddenham

Clarry: Joanna Wake