Five On Four

A selection of stories by some of contemporary literature's finest writers.


AR01Antickes And Frets20050711

Mary Queen of Scots embroiders a scheme to bring down the Queen of England.

Mary Queen of Scots, Bess Hardwick, better known as the first Duchess ofDevonshire, and Queen Elizabeth use their talents and position to exact revenge.

A talent for embroidery has surprising consequences for all three women.

Susanna Clarkeis the author of the acclaimed novel Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell, shortlisted for this year's Whitbread First Novel Award.

  • abridged by Elizabeth Allard
  • read by haydn gwynne
  • by....susanna clarke

  • AR02Commission20050712

    In a remote and desolate corner of Australia, Vic finds his father, the man who disappeared from his life 27 years before.

  • abridged by doreen estall
  • read by michael siberry
  • by.... - - - - tim winton

  • AR03Nothing But Ghosts20050713

    Afterwards, Ellen liked to say she had been toAmericabut the only place there's anything to tell about is Austin, Nevada, the Hotel international, and Buddy.

    Buddy is the only one there is anything to tell about.

  • abridged by Elizabeth Allard
  • read by britta gartner
  • by.... - - - - judith hermann

  • AR04Holiday20050714

    An American couple discover that appearances are can be deceptive.

  • by - Panos Karnezis
  • read by debora weston

  • AR05Who's Sorry Now?20050715

    Emma suspects her husband, Doug, of having an affair.

    She devises a devious plan to catch him out in this darkly humorous tale of revenge.

  • read by holly aird