Flicks In The Sticks

Film director Bryan Forbes explores the history of cinema-going through five British cinemas.


01The Kinema In The Woods2000012520000626

An old converted cricket pavilion in Lincolnshire with a romantic and amusing story and a significant role to play in cinema history.

02Electric Bioscopic Exhibition Centre With Entertainment For Ladies2000020120000627

The Torbay Picture House is the oldest surviving example of the first purpose-built cinemas, but what will happen now that a seven-screen multiplex has opened up just 500 yards away?

03Phoenix Rising2000020820000628

Despite early hitches, the talkies led to a boom in the film industry and in cinema building.

This week, an investigation of one of the tiny independent cinemas - the Phoenix in East Finchley - also chosen as a location by film director Neil Jordan for his new film `The End of the Affair'.

04The Multiplex2000021520000629

During the late 70s and early 80s British cinemas witnessed dramatic fall in audiences blamed on shabby interiors, the popularity of television and a lack of good blockbuster films.

In 1985 an American idea - the multiplex - was brought to Milton Keynes.

Forbes examines its design and popularity.

05 LASTWhat Next?2000022220000630

Bryan Forbes concludes his series on the cinema in Britain with a look at the future, from private cinemas in converted sheds to the underground clubs that are taking film out of the theatre and into pubs, clubs and swimming pools.