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Grab your space suit, climb on board and get ready for take-off, because BBC Radio 4 Extra is taking you on an adventure into space.

As the British Astronaut Tim Peake orbits above us in the International Space Station, we will be flying past him on a three hour audio space journey, from a launch, to a spacewalk, then touching down on the Moon and Mars, before crashing back to earth.

Samira Ahmed (Radio and TV presenter, childhood space obsessive) is our captain, navigating the course through a rich mix of space themed radio dramas, readings and comedies.

Along the way we will explore the cultural influence of the space race, examine the highs and lows of life as an astronaut, and see just why the limitless possibilities of radio makes it the perfect medium to capture the vastness of space.

Samira is joined at points across the journey by the science fiction writer Simon Guerrier, she will also hear from radio producer Dirk Maggs about why Space makes for such good radio, and she will takes some giant leaps of her own in an astronaut's space suit.

Programmes include:

The first episode of Charles Chilton's ground breaking 'Journey In To Space'; we follow Alexey Leonov as he takes the first ever space walk in 'Two Sides Of The Moon'; the astronaut Kathryn Thornton tells us about the solitude of space in the documentary 'Alone'; we hear the strange story of what really happened when man landed on the moon, as reimagined in 'One Small Step'; Helen Keen looks at our obsession with travelling to Mars in 'It Is Rocket Science', before Stephen Baxter takes us there in the Dirk Maggs produced 'Voyage'; and finally we follow the astronaut Chris Hadfield in a nail biting return to earth from his biography 'An Astronaut's Guide To Life On Earth'.

Along the way. there's extra insight with selected moments from 'Soul Music', 'Just A Minute', Nick Mohammed's 'Apollo 21', 'Saturday Live' and 'A Night With Helen Sharman'.

So assume your launch position, this mission is set to take off in 5...4...3...2...1....

Samira Ahmed takes you on a radio space journey, with radio dramas, readings and comedies.