By Sam Burns. A twisted fable about first world problems and middle-class guilt.

Ms Sherman is living a life of luxury. She's landed her dream job. Has a beautiful apartment, equipped with her very own maid. She wants for nothing. So why does she feel so terrible? A search for her tower block's missing floor 13 takes Ms Sherman on a strange and sinister journey that might just save her from a life wracked by guilt. But how much is Ms Sherman really prepared to pay to feel better about herself?
A twisted modern fable about first-world problems and middle class guilt by Sam Burns.

Original music composed by Lucy Rivers, performed by Dan Lawrence and Lucy Rivers.

Directed by Helen Perry
A BBC Cymru/Wales Production

Sam Burns was shortlisted for the Susan Smith Blackburn award and has worked with Paines Plough, the Bush, Theatre Clwyd, Sherman Theatre and Radio Wales.