Flying The Nest

Series of short stories about leaving the family home.


AR01Whales And Seals2002090220030527

Series of short stories about leaving the family home.

By Helen Dunmore.

A tale of a relationship between mother and son, set in the waters off Vancouver

By Helen Dunmore.

Part of Flying The Nest.

Brenda Blethyn reads a story about the relationship between mothers and sons set on the waters off Vancouver's coastline.

AR02Climbing The Pine2002090320030528

by Fay Weldon.

Robert's preparation for student life is disrupted by observing a litter of brown bear cubs.

AR03Ordinary Love2002090420030529

By Clare Boylan.

Janey hasn't seen Frank for thirty five years.

He has something to ask her.

Frances Tomelty reads this bittersweet tale of love and loss as part of Flying The Nest.

AR04The Fledgling2002090520030530

by Jane Graham.

As Stella prepares for the departure of her recalcitrant son, the ducklings in the garden provide a welcome distraction.

AR05 LASTEverything Must Go20020906

by Janette Jenkins.

Stanley's small electrical shop has been in the family for years, but times have changed.