Fm Only For Schools


Genome: [r4 Bd=19900509]

11.00 Singing Together 1: The Drover's Dream Presenters John Asquith and Verity Ann Meldrum. Producer Janet Wheeler. Stereo

11.20 Junior Drama Workshop Still Waters: 1: Tyre Tracks by John Goodwin. Narrator Nicola Stevenson. Producer John Tuckey. Stereo

11.40 Talk to Me Let's Pretend Doofy Plays at Make-Believe by Anita Hewett. Producer Paddy Bechely. Stereo (R)

11.50 Poetry Comer 1: Grasshoppers Producer Peter Fozzard (R)

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900509]

Presenters: John Asquith

Presenters: Verity Ann Meldrum.

Producer: Janet Wheeler.

Narrator: John Goodwin.

Narrator: Nicola Stevenson.

Producer: John Tuckey.

Unknown: Anita Hewett.

Producer: Paddy Bechely.

Producer: Peter Fozzard

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900510]

9.05 Don't Miss...

9.10 Together - An Assembly for Schools Rahere the Jester by Arthur Scholey. Producer Geoff Marshall-Taylor. Stereo

9.30 Living Language Mysterious Beasts 1: The Yellow Ball by Philippa Pearce dramatised by Frances McNeil. Producer John Taylor. Stereo

9.50 First Steps in Drama Mary Rose. 1: Forest and Port by Hilary Brand. Producer Fiona Shore. Stereo (R)

10.10 Something to Think About The Long Day by Anita Hewett. Stereo

10.20 Operation Maths Calculated Tales

1: Whodunnit (1). Producer Marshall Corwin. Stereo (R)

10.30 Let's Make a Story! 1: Out for the Day by John Griffin. Reader Howard Ward. Producer Julie Beckett. Stereo

10.40 Word Box: Neu) Words Written and presented by Robin Robbins. Producer Sally Beeston

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900510]

Unknown: Arthur Scholey.

Producer: Geoff Marshall-Taylor

Unknown: Philippa Pearce

Dramatised By: Frances McNeil.

Producer: John Taylor.

Unknown: Hilary Brand.

Producer: Fiona Shore.

Unknown: Anita Hewett.

Producer: Marshall Corwin.

Reader: John Griffin.

Producer: Julie Beckett.

Presented By: Robin Robbins.

Producer: Sally Beeston