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4.30 New Series Education Matters - Special Assessing Your Wordpower A series of three programmes. How will assessing people's competence in basic skills link in with other qualifications and developments such as the National Curriculum? Presenter Peter Evans. Producer Julia Bicknell

5.00 New Series Get Writing Eight programmes on writing for pleasure or profit, with George Evans , guests Lynda O'Byme and Olwen Rice and the Robin Hood Writers.

1: Magazine Stories and Articles Producer Christopher Stone

5.30 Speak for Yourself Learn the art of speaking in public with John Campbell - a practical six-part guide. 2: Get a Grip

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900505]

Presenter: Peter Evans.

Producer: Julia Bicknell

Unknown: George Evans

Unknown: Lynda O'Byme

Unknown: Olwen Rice

Producer: Christopher Stone

Unknown: John Campbell